You are warmly invited to join the OSS community on a variety of channels:

  • Facebook: please find us on Facebook, where we have an Outdoor Swimming Society page and group. Please join the page to receive news and alerts, and the group to join a 27,000 strong community of swimmers sharing questions, stories, photos and more. (Please note these are community pages for swimmer chat, and advertising, promotion and casting calls are not allowed and will be deleted. See FB pages for our full policy).
  • Instagram: follow our feed at @theoutdoorswimmingsociety  and #outdoorswimmingsociety to share your photos
  • Twitter: @OSS_Team
  • Map: please visit the free crowd sourced swim map wildswim.com, which is supported by the OSS, to find places to swim and share images and descriptions of your swims.
  • OSS Team: Please see the team page for more details on who does what. If you’d like to join the team as a contributor, or event volunteer, please contact  Jamie Cross.
  • Newsletter: sign up.
  • Events: if you are an event organiser who wishes to advertise to swimmers, you can for free via our Event Calendar, run by findarace. See the events page and submit your event to them and it will appear on our site.


Do you have a story you want to photograph or tell, a book that needs reviewing, a swim collection to share or some community news you’d like to see on the OSS site? We’d love to hear from you, whether it’s an adventure, experience, book, art, kit, research, ecology or outdoors expertise.

Please browse the website to see where your idea fits in. Articles fit into one of the two main sections, Features, or Noticeboard. Features subdivide into Adventures, Stories, Film, Books, Kit, Survive and so on. Noticeboard is for community news. Please email Ella at noticeboard@outdoorswimmingsociety.com in the first instance. For features, please submit ideas and we will work with you on a brief. For Noticeboard, please submit finished stories wherever possible. Images must be 1700px x 934px minimum.

Please note, we are largely a volunteer team and are not be able to respond to every query, and there may be a delay. We do however read every email. If you want to advertise on our newsletter please contact us via the Noticeboard.


If you need help or advice establishing or retaining access to an inland beach, you are invited to contact the heads of the OSS Inland Access team, Robert Aspey and Chris Dalton


Please see the event FAQ’s for event queries in the first instance (Dart 10k FAQs, Bantham Swoosh FAQs), and the dedicated event FB groups in the second (Dart 10k 2017 event, Bantham Swoosh 2017). Still no joy? Try oss.events.enquiries@gmail.com.


Shop/ merchandise queries: shop@outdoorswimmingsociety.com


hello@​outdoorswimmingsociety.com Please note we do not have a dedicated press officer currently, but will come back to you as soon as we can.Happy swimming!