The Bantham Swoosh 2017
The Bantham Swoosh 2017
Sat 24th Jun 2017  More >
Dart10k 2017
Dart10k 2017
Sat 9th Sep 2017  More >

Swim with us!

The OSS specialises in events that capture the maverick heart of outdoor swimming, and take place in some of the most stunning countryside and water the UK has to offer. Many of our swimmers don't do events as a rule. They join us as an exception from their wild, free swimming because there can be a huge lift, now and then, from being part of a pod; because the OSS runs some of the friendliest, quirkiest outdoor swim events there are; and because our safety is second to none. Not only do we take care of the A to B transport, but we are proud to have water experts with you every stroke of your swim. All our water safety staff are paid a fair days wage - no volunteers on the water, just people who make their living on the water and in the outdoors.

We have two events scheduled in 2017: the Bantham Swoosh, and the Dart10k.

Every year we find new ways to make our events special. The Dart10k, for example, has a mini festival feel at the end and a strong community of swimmers who join the #OSSteam at the event.

As well as being proud of our specialism in stunning swims in wonderful locations, we are proud of our records of firsts. We were the first group to offer a mass public open water swim in 2006, with Breastrokes. We were the first to offer a 10k swim to the public - an aquatic marathon - in 2010. And we were one of the first to do a public (rather than club or individual) 10 mile swim, with the Dart10mile in 2015. We hope to offer another soon. 

If attending is more your thing; make sure you're signed up to the OSS newsletter so you're the first to know when tickets go on sale! 

Happy swimming. 

With our very best wishes for a great year of swimming


The Outdoor Swimming Society