Afterglow: Winter Swimming in Snowdonia
Afterglow: Winter Swimming in Snowdonia

Date: Friday 4th March 2016

On a wintery weekend in January our very own Vivienne Rickman-Poole spent a few days with the team at Eyes and Ears films. 'Afterglow' was released this week, we asked her to tell us about the film.

"The documentary is focused on passion, my passion, which is spilt equally between my love of swimming and my creativity. The two have very much merged into one in recent years and became the subject of the film. I have featured in a couple of films and all of them have focused very much on swimming so I was really pleased when directors, Jack and Tommaso, wanted to focus on my photographic work. For them it was important to portray the link between the images and the lakes. 

"Snowdonia delivered some jaw dropping weather that weekend, an iconic snowy background for some epic aerial filming. As inspiring as the weather looked it was also a challenge, transporting equipment up mountains and filming in sleet and snow was no easy task . The crew however rose to the challenge and did a brilliant job, ensure my safety was paramount at all times.

Watch 'Afterglow' here 

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 'Afterglow' has been selected for LLAMFF (Llanberis Mountain Film Festival and will be showing in the Heart of Adventure catergory this weekend.