Post-swim marshmallows: the tin can solution
Post-swim marshmallows: the tin can solution

Date: Monday 25th April 2016

Vivienne Rickman Poole on how to toast marshmallows on the beach

On day 8 of my 2016 #30daysofswimming challenge I met up with a ‘virtual’ swimming friend and fellow OSS member Simon and his family for a dip in Llynnau Mymbyr.

Having seen these guys plastered over social media in matching family thermals I knew they were off the scale, but when they arrived with marshmallows to toast, hot coffee and bacon butties I was mega impressed with their swimming style.

I shared my favourite outdoor changing room with them, in the woods on the side of Llynnau Mymbyr. Simon and I took a good dip in the lake… it was exceptionally clear, a little choppy, that wind whistling down the valley. We chatted about what we like about swimming, the beautiful places and solitude, the exhilaration of the cold. 

They introduced me to the joy of an toasted marshmallow with my hot coffee. I loved the tin can which came out, complete with dry kindling ready to light, these guys were professionals at the post swim feasting! I can't say the same for my toasting skills (uncontrollable shivvering = poor effort) so I asked them to give me a 'How to...' to share...

How to make a Marshmallow Toasting Tin

1. Take one clean, empty baked bean can or similar.

2. Remove label.

3. Using a sharp knife, carefully cut 3 inverted 'V' shapes from the bottom of the can to about 1/4 of the way up.

4. Space these evenly around the side of the can.

5. Carefully fold out to make three little feet and to act as ventilation.

6. Use shredded newspaper, dry grass, straw or small sticks as tinder to toast your marshmallows.

Remember the tin will get extremely hot, but dunk it in the river/lake when you're done to cool it down and you've got a 'no-footprint' mini portable marshmallow toaster

Thank you Simon and Liz, it's been made and tested already, out on location on a recent sea swim!

Please do come back very soon, with that hessian bag of goodies and I will share another special place I promise!

Check out Llynnau Mymbyr on the Wild Swim Map! 

April 2016, Vivienne Rickman-Poole