Ben Hooper prepares to swim Atlantic - go fund him!
Ben Hooper prepares to swim Atlantic - go fund him!

Date: Thursday 4th August 2016

Atlantic swimmer needs assistance with final two costs of his mission – before 10th August.

In November 2016 Ben Hooper, 37 and father of one living in Cheltenham, Gloucestershire will attempt to be the first human in history to swim every single mile of an ocean, The Atlantic Ocean, in full.

Setting off from Africa Ben plans to swim 1,883 miles to Brazil. When Ben starts his crossing he will be swimming two sessions per day of 4-6 hours each, over 120-140 days. He will average 13-15 miles a day. He is likely to wear only hat and goggles.

This three year project has taken Ben 12 million meters of swimming in ocean and pool training. He has planned, brought in sponsorship, PR and over a budget of £350k to bring this lifelong ambition to reality.

Now, he needs your vital support for the last two costs at the start line; help him start in November and make history together!

“We are your urgent support for some final costs towards insurance, communications and support towards our crew arriving in Senegal to get me across safely,” says Ben. “We hope to achieve this before the 10th August when our Big Blue vessel will depart the UK for Africa!

“I would like to thank the OSS and all you swimmers for your ongoing support both on Facebook and any support you can offer for our final, start-line costs. Without you, I would not be inspired and without us all pushing our limits to the maximum, we cannot inspire our nations and children to see that nothing is impossible!”

To help and become part of history, please donate today and claim a reward and huge thank you:

More about the swim:

Ben’s swim is being undertaken for charity, with the Guinness World Record attempt verified by WOWSA. It is also being filmed for documentary by Chief Productions.

During it Ben is likely to consume up to 12,000 calories, 10 litres per day, swimming in temperatures of air 26c+ - 40c, water temps 27+c – 32+c.

Not only will he drift under control of sea anchor at night while on the boat asleep, but Ben is taking a near 4,000 mile sailing route to ensure the straight line distance is unharmed and is even deducting current from the daily swim!! That way, it cannot be disputed that every mile has been swum and will ensure a historic and huge charity driven world-first of “First swim crossing of Atlantic Ocean,” (GWR, 2016) with WOWSA and GWR.

Training is intense and consists of varying ranges of 12-20km per day, 3 gym sessions per week focusing on strength, conditioning and endurance (with a lot of stretching!).

“It is hard and Ben’s body is taking it so far but he has had to overcome and train through one knee injury, one shoulder strain and numerous flu strains and headaches, ear and sinus infections and skin tears/chaffs and jelly stings, and even hair loss to chlorine exposure in the USA,” say one of his team. “But none of this compares to the beauty of the ocean or the toughness Ben has already experienced in early life and indeed in the heat, swells, marine life and mental fatigue whilst ocean swimming and training, all of which he has encountered over the past three years in the ocean and on land. The crew are 100% behind him!”.

Is he tough enough? Ben has overcome three clinical deaths already - he was born premature, once had collapsed lungs, and drowned age five in Belgium. “It was only after a bought of depression that I realised I needed to turn my life around for myself and my daughter,’ he says. ‘I have been dreaming about this for 32 years, and have every intention of bringing this dream to fruition.’.

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