Alpkit offers for OSS members

28th April, 2017

May is traditionally the month where outdoor swimming starts, with Dover Harbour training beginning this weekend. Join them – outdoors, if not in Dover!

Water temperature is a very relative experience. Some of the OSS team were down at Bantham this week. Kari Furre and Kate Rew swam the swoosh (it’s still there! running faster in fact, as a result of a change in the sandbar) to be met by Ella Foote. “The water is…” “Freezing” chorused Kate and Kari at the same time as Ella said “so warm”. This underlines the power of exposure – Ella swam every day of December and throughout winter without a wetsuit, whereas Kate and Kari haven’t. How you experience water now, and how long you can stay in it, will be very different to how you experience it at the end of the summer. 

With rivers, lakes and the sea still on the ‘freezing’ spectrum for most of us, accessories such as gloves, booties, neoprene bonnets and thermal vests can all help extend your time in the water now.

Our event supporters ALPKIT  are offering OSS members a range of offers on their accessories and wetsuits – see their site.

Alpkit have two new keenly priced wetsuits to add to the Lotic wetsuit.

The Silver Tip (pictured, having a whirl in the Swoosh this week) is a fleece lined wetsuit with much higher than average thermal properties. Its designed with longer swims, colder waters and winter swimmers in mind.

The Terrapin is a thinner, neutral bouyancy suit designed to maintain your natural body position in the water (the increase in buoyancy that wetsuits give can be an issue for women).

See Alpkit offers.