Art Deco by the Sea exhibition

25th February, 2020

 A new exhibition examining British coastal culture between the First and Second World Wars is now open at the Sainsbury Centre in Norwich.

The exhibition explores how Art Deco transformed the British seaside in a new age of mass tourism. The 1920s and 30s saw a boom in lidos, as swimming, along with other outdoor activities such as sunbathing and golf, became fashionable.

The show includes around 150 works including paintings, posters, brochures, drawings, photographs, fashion, furniture, ceramics and textiles.

Ghislaine Wood, curator of the exhibition said, “The exhibition will explore how Art Deco
became the key style for pleasure and leisure, transforming coastal resorts and coming to
symbolise new values for people experiencing new freedoms. Art Deco had enormous appeal
for its glamour and accessibility, which still attracts audiences today.”

  • The exhibition, Art Deco by the Sea, runs until 14 June at the Sainsbury Centre in Norwich, UK, before transferring to the Laing Art Gallery in Newcastle, UK, where it runs from 11 July to 11 October.


Justine Harvey