Bantham Boomerang

How far can you swim before the tide turns?

Tim Bridges


How far can you swim before the tide turns? The Boomerang swim starts at Bantham (home to the Swoosh), with swimmers heading upriver on the incoming tide. When the tide turns, so do the swimmers, swimming back downriver with the outgoing tide, swooshing into Bantham Beach and the finish line.

The distance swum will depend on how fast you swim, but all swim speeds are welcome.  Some swimmers will make it all the way to the turnaround pontoon upstream before the tide turns, others will have a shorter journey.

The Bantham Boomerang is the sister event to the Sunrise Swoosh –  check out the event report and gallery for the 2019 Swoosh event for a preview of what our events are all about.

Vivienne Rickman Poole
Tim Bridges
Toms Majors


The Bantham Boomerang was cancelled in 2020 and 2021, with all participants given a full refund. Information on the 2021 cancellation can be found here.



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