Bantham Boomerang

How far can you swim before the tide turns?

Boomerang 2022

The Bantham Boomerang is run by Swim Collective, the new event arm of charity Level Water.


How far can you swim before the tide turns? The Boomerang swim starts at Bantham (home to the Swoosh), with swimmers heading upriver on the incoming tide. When the tide turns, so do the swimmers, swimming back downriver with the outgoing tide, swooshing into Bantham Beach and the finish line.

The distance swum will depend on how fast you swim, but all swim speeds are welcome.  Some swimmers will make it all the way to the turnaround pontoon upstream before the tide turns, others will have a shorter journey.

The Bantham Boomerang is the sister event to the  Swoosh.

Boomerang 2022


It is recommended that swimmers are able to swim 7km confidently. There’s a gentle pull in both directs as the tide comes in and then goes out, which makes life easier, but a bad weather day (chop or a headwind) can counteract that, so come prepared.

A key test of the swim for most swimmers is the water temperature. The swim is early in the season, so while water temperature is not that dissimilar to the end of season (12-15 °C is expected), most swimmers aren’t so well acclimatised. Getting out in open water in May & June before the event is the way to prepare for this. 

Please note – the Swoosh occurs as the estuary narrows at the very end, you are not swooshed from start to finish! The swoosh is strongest later after high tide, meaning that the slower you swim, the more assistance you get from the swoosh. Everyone wins! 


This event and tickets are now handled by Swim Collective. We will also keep members informed via elsewhere and on social media – we hope to see you there!