Seven watery-inspired Autumnal Instagram feeds that #sharetheswimlove

Lance Sagar

The ground is conker-covered, the leaves crunchy under-foot and the nights are drawing in. As seasonal swimmers head indoors, these intrepid adventurers are relishing the definite nip in the air and the excitement and expectation that Autumn swimming brings.

David Pye

David Pye 

Environmentalist and adventurer David moved to the Lake District a few years ago. Traditionally a surfer, he has come to love the lakes and tarns. At the start of 2019 he jumped into Thirlmere and was hooked. He is now on a oneman mission to swim in all 16 ‘lakes’. He loves the four seasons but finds the lakes “breathtaking” in Autumn. His feed really captures the dramatic and sublime beauty of this stunning landscape.

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Alison Moore

Ally Moore

Anti-dredging campaigner, seaweed lover and sea-swimmer. Ally’s underwater shots of her aquatic playground in Orkney, Scotland are nothing short of hypnotic. The colours and textures of the kelp and other marine life invoke damp, autumnal mornings walking through golden leaves in the park.

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Caroline Cummings

Caroline Cumming

Documenting sea swims in Ireland all year round. Caroline’s images often capture the horizon and everything in between, including the changing colours and tides. Her images have a calming effect. Caroline is a South African living on the Mizen Peninsula in West Cork, a place of outstanding natural beauty. Swimming year round gave her a new appreciation of the slow changing nature of the seasons and she looks forward to the end of summer and the colder temperatures for the profoundly positive effect it has on her mindset.

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Lance Sagar

Lance Sagar

OSS Swim Champ Lance just loves swimming in rivers and especially those that run through deep forests because, for a few weeks a year in autumn, those forests come alive. Lance says, ‘Every tree is a different colour, the whole environment seems to shine and when the wind blows you’re showered with leaves. I’ve seen people shouting with delight when that happens! It’s sad to say goodbye to summer, but at least it ends in spectacular style’.

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Ruth Nicholls

Ruth and Anna

Come rain or shine, Ruth and Anna will be out adventuring in Scilly, bagging buoys and generally extolling the joy and virtue of wild swimming. In swimming costume, wetsuit or sometimes, as nature intended. As autumn has crept towards us, their images have become more dramatic, with mackerel skies overhead and darker seas. Their enthusiasm for their beautiful islands and sea swimming is utterly infectious.

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Natalie Hills

Nat and Mimi

Nat and Mimi have been swimming together at Parliament Hill Lido since 2018. They clearly love where they swim and document their swims with great gusto – Nat’s posts especially are positively evangelical about the positive aspects of cold water swimming. Their Insta-feed follows the seasons and shows perfectly how even non-wild outdoor swimming places enjoy the seasonal changes.

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Katie Maggs

Daily, year round, dawn sea-swimmer Katie just delights in Autumn swims. Even if she’s feeling under the weather the pull of October skies and colourful water draws her to Battery Rocks in Penzance for a sunrise or sunset dip. Katie’s pictures often include the myriad of wildlife that she spots on her adventures. A motley crew of cheeky seals, huge starfish and enormous Barrel jellyfish.

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