Charity takes steps to improve Bude Sea Pool

26th March, 2019

A fundraising campaign to build new step access from Summerleaze Beach to Bude Sea Pool in Cornwall was launched recently.

“Without major work the steps will very soon become unsafe and will have to be removed,” said Bude Sea Pool’s charity coordinator Fay Hargreaves. This would make access to the pool difficult, she explained, and only possible from the downs or via middle beach.

The Friends of Bude Sea Pool (FoBSP) plan to replace the current steps with new ones made from Cornish grey granite; a material chosen for durability, safety and aesthetics. The project is anticipated to cost £27,000.

The saltwater pool was created in the 1930s to provide a haven for safe swimming for the people of the town and the thousands of people who visit it each year. It sits under cliffs on the north Cornwall coast and is topped up twice a day by the waves of the Atlantic.

“It is a rare kind of construction: partially man-made and in harmony with the natural environment,” said Fay. “Bude Sea Pool provides a precious opportunity to enjoy a unique experience, close to the ferocity of the natural environment but sheltered from its extreme effects.”

The Friends of Bude Sea Pool charity was formed in early 2011 in response to funding cutbacks, and is run by volunteers. Since 2011 the FoBSP have undertaken much-needed repairs and continue to invest in new facilities.

Liz Lowe

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