Campaign to bring back swimming to Maldon Marine Lake

10th May, 2019

A campaign to reopen the ornamental lake in Maldon’s Promenade Park for swimming and paddle boats is seeking support to reach its target of 10,000 signatures.

Lisa Cullumbine and Marie Ellis launched the campaign, which has collected more than 7,000 signatures through an online petition and dedicated Facebook page.

“We have had an overwhelming response and a lot of support from the public, both within Maldon and further afield, including people who used to live here and people who travelled here many years ago,” said Lisa.

The lake previously functioned as an outdoor river-fed marine swimming lake with a section for children’s paddle boats and a small sandy beach with changing huts. The facility was free and attracted both locals and tourists.

Swimming was banned at the lake in 2004 following a fatality. A swimmer died after diving into the water and hitting his head on a submerged post.

The campaign leaders are drawing up a business plan which they will present to Maldon District Council. “It would bring back thousands of people to the prom and to Maldon town for a great family day out that doesn’t cost the earth,” said Lisa, who added that they have support from a number of local businesses.

The lake is part of Maldon’s Edwardian heritage, and was opened in 1905 by Lady Rayleigh. Maldon was famous at the time for having the largest marine lake for swimming in the country.

Liz Lowe

Sign the petition here or join the Facebook group here.

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