Canada’s first chemical-free public outdoor pool

31st October, 2019

Residents of Edmonton in Canada are now enjoying the country’s first chemical-free public outdoor pool. Borden Park Natural Swimming Pool was developed in response to a public consultation and replaces a 1950s facility.

The large-scale pool site can accommodate 400 swimmers and provides facilities including a children’s pool, a deep pool, outdoor showers, a sandy beach and picnic areas.

But the biggest challenge for designers gh3* was to create an environmentally healthy and natural filtration process that would still meet the high-quality water control standards required.

gh3* has developed a pool technology that cleanses the water through stone, gravel, sand, and botanic filtering processes. The result is an unsterilized, chemical– and disinfectant–free filtering system.

Read more about the Borden Park Natural Swimming Pool on the gh3* website.

Justine Harvey