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The Outdoor Swimming Society is a not for profit with charitable aims: to provide a free worldwide community for swimmers to connect, inspire and share knowledge. We are run by volunteers, and host four fundraising iconic swimming events a year which both bring the community together, and raise funds for our online platforms.

We are also proud to partner with and support a wide range of charities, both in their fundraising and their campaigning.


Level Water


Since 2016, Level Water has been our official event charity partner. Level Water provides adapted swimming lessons for children with disabilities at 90 pools around the country, with over 20,000 one-to-one swimming lessons delivered every year. Swimmers at OSS events have helped to raise over £1 million for Level Water’s work over the last 4 years, giving the next generation of children with disabilities a great start in sport. Without their work, many children with disabilities will never learn to swim.

Level Water works in partnership with swimming lesson providers – usually council swimming pools – throughout England and Wales. The charity agrees partnerships for these lesson providers to deliver disability one-to-one lessons, then Level Water designs and delivers specialist teacher training for their swim teachers. Level Water also part-funds the swimming lessons, so that a family can pay the normal cost of a group swimming lesson but receive a bespoke one-to-one lesson.

Toms Majors


Level Water believes that the vast majority of children with disabilities have the potential to swim independently and works with each child for as long as it takes to make that happen, often 2-3 years.  The charity also helps to provide suitable swimming opportunities after a child completes their one-to-one lessons, so that once a child has learnt to swim they can access a mainstream or specialist group swimming lesson.

To find out more and get in touch with them, visit



surfers against sewage sas logo

Surfers Against Sewage now represent environmentally minded water users across the UK – there are a lot of surfers, but equally as many triathletes, swimmers and beach lovers. The Outdoor Swimming Society is a long standing SAS Community Partner, supporting their campaigning environmental work to reduce plastic pollution and improve water quality in rivers, lakes and seas.

“We’re stoked to work with The Outdoor Swimming Society to campaign for an end to sewage and agricultural pollution of our aquatic playground, from source to sea,” says SAS CEO Hugo Tagholm. “Our rivers are the blue arteries of the country and should be protected and restored to full health for people to enjoy safely. Thriving rivers support the wellbeing and health of people and communities nationwide.”

Alongside sharing information and encouraging engagement with SAS campaigns, The OSS partners with SAS Source to Sea Beach Cleans which happen twice a year. To find out more, visit




Aveton Gifford pool swan logo

Aveton Gifford Community Pool is the local charity partner of The Bantham Swoosh and Bantham Boomerang. Fundraisers taking part in the Swoosh have helped pay for a new summer cover and the winder it is stored on, a new pool filter and many other smaller bits of equipment and emergency repairs during the season, since the partnership began.

“Without their generous efforts and that financial support, running the pool would have been difficult,” says Rosamund Brousson from the Aveton Gifford Parish Council. “It is such a valuable resource for us here, and so many of our local children have been taught to swim in this very pool over the years, we are so lucky to have it.”

The Aveton Gifford Community Pool has been part of the village since 1963 and has taught hundreds of children to swim. It has always been important, both for safety and for health and wellbeing, but in these days of public funding cuts and the reduction of sports in school curriculums, it has become even more so. The Aveton Gifford community has taken over the running of the pool and are determined to keep it open for the children from the local school and all the other families in the parish.

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Aveton Gifford preschool hive logo

Aveton Gifford Pre-school is a local charity partner for the Bantham Swoosh.

The Pre-school provides a calm and stimulating environment for children, and support for all families within the community. It relies heavily on donations of resources and fundraising to meet costs.

The OSS provides a fundraising place for the Aveton Gifford Pre-school at the Bantham Swoosh event, and a fundraising stall near the start line run by the Pre-school provides swimmers with early morning cup of tea, coffee and flapjacks. The Pre-school was originally established in 1990 by a group of local parents and for 21 years operated in the shared, rented village hall before moving to the Hive, a new purpose-built building designed by a local architect to meet the specific needs within the village.



Andrew Simpson foundation logo

The Dart 10k finishes in front of Dittisham Sailing Club and The OSS is pleased to offer fundraising places at the Dart 10k each year, benefiting charities nominated by the Sailing Club.

Bart’s Bash is the world’s largest sailing event which raises money to bring the benefits of sailing to children and young people from all backgrounds and abilities.

Set up in memory of Andrew ‘Bart’ Simpson, a double Olympic medallist who tragically lost his life whilst training for the America’s Cup in 2013, Bart’s Bash helps promote the physical, and mental benefits of sailing.

Dittisham Sailing Club also raise funds for Bart’s Bash throughout the year and all funds raised through the Bart’s Bash event go to the Andrew Simpson Foundation.

To find out more about the Foundation, visit:



dart sailability logo

The second charity nominated by Dittisham Sailing Club is Dart Sailability.

Sailability is the RYA’s national programme enabling people with disabilities to try sailing and take part regularly. It’s the perfect sport to feel tranquility and freedom on the water, or progress your skills and become competitive.

Dart Sailability is the local branch of this charity operating in the River Dart area. Donations received from fundraising swimmers help Dart Sailability maintain their ongoing operations and enable them to continue to provide boating and sailing experiences on the Dart for people with any kind of disability.

Find out what it’s like to be a fundraising swimmer and the impact this fundraising can have at

To find out more about Dart Sailability, visit