Christmas Cracker Crowdfunder Winners 2023

23rd December, 2023

You have raised collectively £17,409 which will keep us going and the ideas flowing during 2024 and beyond. We are strengthened by your generous support and heartened by all the kind words left for us on Crowdfunder. To round things up we wanted to say thank you: for reading, for contributing to our channels and being part of the community on the shorelines. Thank you also to our Christmas Cracker partners who donated these fantastic prizes!


  1. Anonymous SwimQuest Holiday
  2. Paula Nygaard Urban Ice Tribe Ice Bath
  3. Anonymous Tonic of the Sea Snorkelling Experience
  4. Kathryn Woad Another Place 2 night stay with Colin Hill Swim Coaching
  5. Katherine Anteney Alpkit Silvertip Wetsuit
  6. Chris Gorman  Alpkit Silvertip Wetsuit
  7. Julie Burniston Alpkit Silvertip Wetsuit
  8. Kath McClinton Alpkit Silvertip Wetsuit
  9. Charles Leaver dryrobe® Lite
  10. Anonymous dryrobe® Lite
  11. Anonymous dryrobe® Lite
  12. Deborah Beats dryrobe® Lite
  13. Andrea Crisp Coots performance swimsuit
  14. Anonymous Coots performance swimsuit
  15. Geraldine Shelley Zone3 Yulex suit 
  16. Alissa Redmond  Zone3 Yulex suit
  17. Anonymous Zone3 Yulex suit
  18. Sue Coe Zone3 Yulex suit
  19. Jennifer Stephenson Zone3 Yulex suit
  20. Anonymous Zone3 Yulex suit
  21. Sandra Schoenenberger ORCA Accessories bundle
  22. Noel Jones ORCA Accessories bundle
  23. Helen McKenna ORCA Accessories bundle
  24. Anonymous ORCA Accessories bundle
  25. Amanda D’Cruz ORCA Accessories bundle
  26. Lenka Koubkova ORCA Accessories bundle
  27. Mark Nash ORCA Accessories bundle
  28. Jo Harris Dart 10km Sunday ticket pair
  29. Anonymous Dart 10km Sunday ticket pair
  30. Jacqueline Cordell SeaStudio Calendar
  31. Peter Gleaves SeaStudio Calendar
  32. Anonymous SeaStudio Calendar
  33. Anonymous SeaStudio Calendar
  34. Anonymous SeaStudio Calendar
  35. Chris Ife The Outdoor Swimmers’ Handbook
  36. Anonymous The Outdoor Swimmers’ Handbook
  37. Kate Hathway The Outdoor Swimmers’ Handbook
  38. Rachel Holden The Outdoor Swimmers’ Handbook
  39. Anonymous The Outdoor Swimmers’ Handbook
  40. Anonymous OSS Mug Bundle
  41. Jo Hefferman OSS Mug Bundle
  42. Anonymous OSS Mug Bundle
  43. Alexandra Moodie OSS Mug Bundle
  44. Tina Wheatcroft-Webb OSS Mug Bundle
  45. Paul Bevis OSS Mug Bundle
  46. Emma Pugh OSS Mug Bundle
  47. Anonymous OSS Mug Bundle
  48. Cath S OSS Mug Bundle
  49. Nilmini Francis OSS Mug Bundle

WINNERS: Please get in touch with us to share your contact and delivery details, contact: The prizes will be distributed from our prize draw partners or The Outdoor Swimming Society Shop in January. 


The Outdoor Swimming Society is a free space dedicated to sharing information and inspiration to an international audience. Our mission is to protect the heart and soul of free swimming, and provide a space for people to find others. We do not charge for membership, and most of the work is done by volunteers.  This is our thing in terms of asking followers for help in a festive Crowdfunder.

Prize Draw tickets were purchased through our page on Crowdfunder. More details about the prizes for 2023 are on our prize draw 2023 webpage. The prize draw closed on Wednesday 20 December 2023 at 23:59. Winners of the prize draw were published on 23 December 2023. For more information see full T&Cs.