Climbing the Cormorant Tree

16th March, 2017

Swimming and art so often go together like a swimsuit and goggles. Many swimmers use the water for inspiration; Hols Cooper took part in last year’s Dart 10k and has created a film and artwork as a result.

Hols took part in the event and put the film together in collaboration with Swim Dem Crew, a London swimming group who encourage those who would not normally swim to get into the water.

The final piece features clips from the swim, shows the landscape and nature of the River Dart, words written by Hols and spoken by her mother and also artwork from Hols which is now on sale to raise money for a water charity.

The narrative captures all those thinking feelings swimmers can relate to when embarking on long swims.

“Ears stretch to pick out minute changes in currents above the deafening winds but you are not well adjusted to understanding this sense. Where have you arrived? What have you entered? You are not a creature from the depths. You have evolved to feel the sand between your toes and survive without gills to aid your breath. Yet here you stand, as water pools around your ankles.”

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