Florence Chavin

Join us for monthly escapism, with long reads on the art, sport and adventure of outdoor swimming. Includes a seasonal Swimmers’ Almanac (both hemispheres), kit reviews and early bird ticket release.

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July 2022

Corlia Meyer (Cold Water Social Club)

June 2022


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April 2022

Carina Bruwer

March 2022


February 2022

Kate Brooks

January 2022

Fenwick Ridley

December 2021

Niall Meehan

November 2021

Beth Squire

October 2021

Niall Meehan

September 2021


August 2021

Dave Flanagan

July 2021

Paul Griffin

June 2021

Gregg Segal

May 2021

Helen Walne

April 2021

Alex Voyer

March 2021

Fenwick Riley

February 2021

Paul Meyler

January 2021

Jon Anderson

December 2020

Kenny Block

November 2020

Tim Bridges

October 2020

Niall Meehan

September 2020


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Tim Bridges

June 2020

Katherine Heath & Sally-Anne McG

May 2020

Stu Swift

April 2020


March 2020

John Towner

February 2020