Escape from the swimming pool

11th April, 2018

Missing the pool even when you’re on dry land? OSS Contributor Peter Hancock reports on a new game to take you back to the pool, even if you are sat on the bus.


Collisions are almost inevitable in crowded pools. At least they seem to be. But it’s the ‘almost’ that is the premise of a quaint new game ‘Swim Out’, by Lozenge Lounge.

‘Swim Out’ is a strategic, turn-based puzzle game where the player-controlled freestyler in a blue cap moves one square at a time through various swimming pools to reach the exit ladder. On the way, he must avoid breaststrokers, backstrokers, kick-boarders, floaters, and people diving or jumping in from the side, all of which seem completely oblivious to the blue-clad hero of our game. If there’s a crash, no matter who’s at fault, it’s always the blue swimmer that gets sent back to the start by the lifeguard’s whistle.

But there are more than just other swimmers to avid. Lane ropes, jets of water, jellyfish, carp, and even boomerang’s thrown by little blonde boy either make you swim further, temporarily stun you, or send you back to the beginning of the level.

As you advance from one level to the next, the task of moving collision-free becomes more difficult. Along the way you can collect aids to assist you (ie. beach balls or fishing nets that you can throw at other swimmers, flippers to swim faster), some that hinder (ie. kick-boards and pool noodles) and some whose use I haven’t worked out yet but probably do something (ie. goggles, stars). You can even paddle a kayak!

The game becomes more challenging with each level (there are more than 100!), and the scenery refreshes itself with each new phase.  New obstacles or aids appear every couple of levels to keep the game interesting, and there is a gradual evolution of the environment from swimming pool to more natural swimming enclosures at lakes or beaches.

With its 1920’s-styled graphics and pleasant ambient soundtrack, ‘Swim Out’ is a real treat. It will be fun for puzzle fans, but it’s also just a nice little game for those with affection for swimming pools and swimming. It’s a game you can dip into if you have a few minutes down time, then return to repeatedly when the weather’s bad and you don’t feel like swimming yourself.

‘Swim Out’ is available at the iTunes app store and Google Play store.