Frustrated in Lockdown – what else can we do?

03rd February, 2021

Are you struggling with the thought of losing all your swim fitness?  Can’t wait to get back to swimming and can’t see what to do while we wait?
Mike Porteous’ (The OSS Swim Coach in Residence) advice is:
  • Daily stretching and mobility to keep the shoulders flexible
  • If you have them, use stretch cords to keep alive the muscle memory of a fluent stroke
  • Strengthen your core (Pilates is great)
  • Light runs and easy bike rides to keep up some endurance fitness
  • If you can get to open water safely, the occasional dip for wellbeing and acclimatisation (rather than anything that feels like training)
  • When doing any of the above, keep yourself and others around you safe!
Check out the Land Based Training Guide and the Reluctant Runners Guide for more advice and guidance.  And hang in there – our time will come.