Goodbye Honey

20th September, 2018

Last Friday, 14 September 2018, swimmers from across Devon and the country got together for the launch of Lynne Roper’s posthumously published swim diaries, Wild Woman Swimming. Held at the Green Table Cafe, Dartington, Totnes, the evening was introduced by local swimmer and author Sophie Pierce, and led by the book editor Tanya Shadrick.

Among the crowd were Lynne’s parents, Mike and Jenny, and Lynne’s labradoodle, Honey, a huge character in Lynne’s life and swims and her book. Honey also starred with Lynne in an episode of ITV Countrywise with Ben Fogle, swimming with Ben and his labrador, Maggie, on the River Dart in Holne Woods.

Lynne’s parents would like others to know that Honey had since had an internal haemorrhage and as nothing could be done for her she was put to sleep at 7pm on Wednesday 19th September.

Read more about the book here; and why not read the book, sure to gladden the heart and expand the spirit, here.

20th September 2018