Kendal Mountain Film Festival invites you to join the adventure

Margo Brodowicz
16-19 November 2018

The Kendal Mountain Film Festival has a reputation as one of the most diverse film festivals of it’s kind, attracting outdoor enthusiasts from across the UK and film premieres from around the globe.

Filmmakers, authors, adventurers, brands and and speakers gather to take part in four days of films, talks, books and exhibitions covering all aspects of mountain and adventure sports culture – including, in recent years, swimming.

At the heart of Kendal’s programme is the mountain film competition, attracting film premières from around the world. Over 70 films are screened (from 300+ entries) with twelve prizes available. The genres represented include culture, drama, wildlife and environmental documentaries, as well as a lecture programme. Blue Hue, a film about swimming naked in the llyns of Snowdonia year featured in 2015, and Afterglow, featuring Vivienne Rickman Poole, in 2016.

Other events include art exhibitions, literature events, including the Boardman Tasker Prize for Mountain Literature, the ‘Adventure Film Academy’ for aspiring film-makers, photography events, competitions and specialist sports nights of which outdoor swimming is now one (others include Bike, Snowsports, Free-Flight, Underground and Endurance Sports).

There is plenty of swimming if you can fit it in – see the Kendal collection on

ALPKIT OUTDOOR SWIMMING SESSION – supported by the Outdoor Swimming Society

Sunday 19th November/ 9.30-12. £12.50

The 2017 programme is an exhilarating journey through rivers, lakes and the sea, as seen through the goggles of three intrepid women. Beth French will talk about taking on the Oceans 7; Tanya Shadrick, writer-in-residence at Pells Pool, will introduce the life and swim diaries of wild swimmer Lynne Roper, and author Jenny Landreth will be talking about her book Swell: A Waterbiography. The session is hosted by Colin Hill.

In addition attendees will see some of the best outdoor swimming films of the year and get the chance to win top prizes from our sponsors: Alpkit, Chillswim, The Outdoor Swimming Society and Outdoor Swimmer magazine.

© Natasha Brooks


The Boardman Tasker Mountain Literature Prize is awarded at Kendal, bringing  the best mountain literature of the year to the public. (See the shortlist).
 This year Kendal has expanded it’s literary offering – see the full programme. Elizabeth-Jane Burnett is appearing talking about ‘Bodies of Water and Stone‘ and her long poem ‘Swims’, that documents wild swims across the UK, each conceived of as an environmental action, testing ways individuals might effect environmental change.
Tanya Shardrick talks about Watermarks.
Peter Boardman & Joe Tasker
16-19 November 2018