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Jess Rose
OSS Events 2019

Start the season in July with a weekend at the beach and a sandy bottomed swim with a Swoosh to finish, build up over summer for a Dart10k marathon through the green hills of Devon, and then welcome in autumn with the Hurly Burly, possibly the worlds fastest 10k, with winds, weather and fire pits in North Wales. We also have the 10th anniversary of the Dart 10k to celebrate in 2019, so come and join the party!



Tim Bridges

Bantham, Devon

The Swoosh is a gentle 6km swim down the Avon Estuary, with a “swoosh” at the end. 800 swimmers are invited to join us in 2019 for an early morning dip. Once again, we will have camping on site, pasties and pints and the perfect beach location for a weekend with friends or family. This is a great swim to start the season: water is typically 15-18°C, and swimmers usually take between 90 minutes – 2 hours to complete the swim.



Toms Majors
Tim Bridges

Totnes and Dittisham, Devon

It’s some kind of magic that makes the Dart10k one of the leading 10k’s in the country, and in 2019 we will be celebrating it’s 10th anniversary!

A spectacular swim starting in Totnes in Devon and winding it’s way around the Sharpham Bends to the sailing village of Dittisham (dit-sum to locals). It has it all: adventure, joy and challenge. At the end there’s a festival field with hot tubs, wood fired pizza, deck chairs, local beers, a playground, champagne at the OSS HQ, and in 2019 will include some kind of wonderful celebration for the 10th anniversary.

Wherever you are on the swim spectrum now, put enough determination, lessons and training into picking up strength, style and stamina, and you can probably do it. Look out for a new and improved Dart 10k training manual for 2019.


Fancy swimming the Dart 10k on both days (or already do, but you’d like to make it official)? Then a double dipper ticket is for you! Gives you Saturday and Sunday entry to the Dart 10k and a glass of champagne at OSS HQ after your Sunday swim. Available alongside other Dart 10k tickets.

How to Enter

Entries are allocated by ballot. 2019 entries have now been allocated, but the ballot for 2020 entries will open in late 2019. You can still join the event in 2019 as a volunteer, and thus guarantee your 2020 ticket. For further details please go to the Dart 10k event page.


Jess Rose

Barmouth/Abermaw, North Wales

The fastest 10k in the land, this is also the first autumnal 10k on the event calendar. Paul Smith said it best: “I haven’t had a swim as brutal and messy as that for a long time. Bloody marvellous.”

Autumnal conditions are all but guaranteed, be that tempestuous conditions or crisp, clear conditions – we’ve now had both!). To go with tidal assistance at its finest (fast enough it’s almost into the bore category), be prepared for wind, rain, and fire. Hot chocolate, wood fired hot tubs and fire pits greet all swimmers, runners and run-swimmers as they coalease at the finish to celebrate a morning of exploring the Mawddach Estuary.

The swim and run routes weaves between mountains, not hills. Waves, geese, camaraderie and  our superb safety crew line the swim route, whilst runners will explore the breath taking Mawddach Trail, with crossing the iconic Barmouth Bridge and watching the tide come in along the estuary as you make progress towards the historic Penmaenpool Toll Bridge. One of the OSS team’s favourite swims, you’re in for treat if you join us.

We ask swimmers are able to swim 1 mile in 35 minutes or under to guarantee reaching the finish with tidal assistance and swimming, rather than safety crew leapfrogging.



Jess Rose
Dominick Tyler
Vivienne Rickman-Poole

Back for 2019: Golden tickets and one skin swimmer pass for all events.


Really want to do a lot of swimming next year? Get yourself a Golden Ticket. An is an event pass to all three events: start the summer season with the 6k Swoosh, build up over the summer for the 10k Dart, and then finish with the all-weather swimming experience that is the Hurly Burly in North Wales.

Golden tickets are sold at event ticket price, but there are a few benefits:

  • Instant VIP status – everyone is welcome at OSS HQ at all events, but at the Dart 10k the VIPs can have a glass of champagne too.
  • Early bird booking for the 2020 events.
  • A £40 voucher to spend in the OSS shop



Making skin swimming more about freedom and not admin; to apply for a skin swim for any/all events you need apply only once, at the time of registration, and your permission (if granted) will be valid through the entire year.

We’re also waiving the requirement to apply for a skin swim if you’re an extremely experienced skin swimmer (for those who’ve completed very long (over 17km/11 mile) open water swims during your swimming career). So if you’ve ever swum the channel, we will work on the basis that you know exactly what you’re letting yourself in for.

You will also automatically be granted skin swimmer status if you successfully completed the same event the previous year in skins.

You can apply for a skin-swimming pass at the time of registration – just read the information in your confirmation email once you’ve bought your ticket.

Dominick Tyler

Dart 10k Golden hats

Will 2019 be your 3rd Dart 10k? Then look forward to your golden hat at registration, and a glass of bubbly at OSS HQ after your swim.

If you didn’t receive a golden hat at registration in 2018 (and should have) send an email to hello@outdoorswimmingsociety.com with the dates of the 3 or more years you swam the Dart 10k and we will update our database.


VIP ticket access

Early bird access to ticket sales in 2019 is for:

  • Volunteers at 2018 events
  • 2018 Golden ticket holders (People who swam all three events in 2018)
  • Entrants of the Hurly Burly pioneer year in 2017
Jess Rose


Volunteers from the OSS are the lifeblood of events. Marshalling the events and caring for the swimmers are great ways to support the OSS, and there are plenty of perks too, include free meals, merchandise, and VIP status with early bird access to next year’s events and. If you or your supporters would like to be involved, please read the Bantham Swoosh volunteering factsheet, Dart 10k volunteering factsheet or Hurly Burly volunteer factsheet.

If you’d like to sign up as a member of the OSS Team, please read the factsheets above then email hello@outdoorswimmingsociety.com

Vivienne Rickman-Poole
Jess Rose
Tim Bridges


Level Water is a charity providing free one-to-one swimming lessons for children with disabilities.  Without their lessons, most of these children will never learn to swim. Level Water have entries available now for all OSS events with a fundraising commitment. Please contact Colette at Level Water for more information.

We welcome and can accommodate swimmers with disabilities as much as we can at all our events. Feel free to talk to us about your needs – swimmers with disabilities who would like to swim should email the event manager  prior to registration, and will be accommodated within the existing water safety provision wherever possible (no separate arrangements can be made).

It is essential that those with disabilities or any concern about their ability to take part in this event should seek their doctor’s advice before taking part and declare anything which the lifeguards would need to be aware of on their swimmer disclaimer form.

Terms & conditions

These are explained in detail on every page, but the most frequently asked questions…

  • No refunds, deferments or exchanges, no matter what the circumstances. This includes event cancellation on account of poor weather, medical, injury, and factors outside of your control.
  • Transfers (of your ticket from one swimmer to another) – are permitted up to 8 weeks before each event with a £20 admin fee. Specific deadlines for each event are on the event specific information pages.
  • Event cancellation has never happened so far but is always a possibility due to storms, heavy rain or water quality concerns. You should consider taking out insurance (for example travel insurance, check the small print of your policy to ensure coverage) to reimburse you for your event ticket cost and out-of-pocket expenses in the case of cancellation.
  • Contacting the event team – We deal with all general swimmer enquiries via FAQs on the event pages, and Facebook pages for each event. We are not able to provide help by phone, and only offer support by email for enquiries specific to your personal booking. General enquiries are dealt with in FAQs and on Facebook.
OSS Events 2019