OSS Swim Champ Lindsey dips to Scotland

26th February, 2019

Cold water swimmer, iconoclastic adventurer and OSS Swim Champ Lindsey Cole set off this week on her latest journey.

Dipping to Scotland will see her cycle 750 miles from Totnes, Devon, to the Scottish Winter Swimming Championships at Taymouth Marina in Perthshire, enjoying dips with swimming groups and enthusiasts along the way. She will arrive on 9th March – hopefully having met her fundraising target for homeless charity Crisis.

Lindsey began her trip with a swim at a secret location in Somerset with Kate Rew and Kari Furre of the OSS. Since then, followers on her Instagram account @stompycole have been committing to accompanying her for swims en route to the north.

As she writes on her blog: “Wouldn’t it be great to meet all these wild swimming communities, do a tour of the country, and perhaps find somewhere that I’d like to live”.

Lindsey’s previous adventures have included swimming 120 miles down the Thames in a mermaid costume to raise awareness of plastic pollution and rollerskating to Bude in a nude bodysuit.