OSS volunteer needed for Gorge Waterway access project

15th March, 2019

A working group is forming to explore environmentally sensitive ways to improve access to Victoria’s Gorge Waterway for recreational users in British Columbia. The OSS hopes to recruit a local volunteer from its community to represent it at meetings.

“The principle goal of this collaboration is to improve access to the Gorge Waterway as a way to ensure the health of the Gorge is maintained and improved,” said Jack Meredith, president of the Gorge Swim Fest Society. “It is believed that more people responsibly using the Gorge Waterway will result in more people stewarding this wonderful resource.”

The Gorge is a tidal inlet connecting Victoria Harbour to Portage Inlet. It hosted swimming galas in the late 1800s, and for several decades following, but fell into disuse.  

The combined efforts of several organisations led to the Gorge being cleaned up, making it once again a popular recreation spot and the site of the annual Swim Fest event.

Organisations and individuals participating in the access project include the provincial and municipal governments, community associations, Gorge-focused volunteer groups, rowing and paddling organisations and swimmers.  The collaboration is enabled through a ‘My Great Neighbourhood Grant’ provided by the City of Victoria.

The first meeting will take place on 21 March 2019 at 7 pm at the Victoria West Community Association, with the aim of developing the objectives and critical success factors of the project which is anticipated to run from March to June.

Liz Lowe

If you’re interested in applying for this volunteer role, please contact news@outdoorswimming.com