The Outdoor Swimming Society is a not for profit with charitable aims: to provide a free worldwide community for swimmers to connect, inspire and share knowledge.  We are proud to partner with and support various charities, organisations and brands.

Level Water

Level Water provide discounted 1 to 1 swimming lessons for children with disabilities, and The Outdoor Swimming Society has been Level Water’s events partner since 2015. While the freedom, confidence and joy of swimming are universal, access to swimming in the UK is not and The OSS is proud of our substantial and longstanding role in helping this charity level things up, kickstarting a love of swimming in disabled children who might otherwise not have access to it. In 2022, Level Water took over the Bantham Swoosh, Dart10k and Hurly Burly through it’s events arm Swim Collective, and The OSS continues to support and be part of these iconic events. Find out more about the charity, and sign up to their events.


We are proud to partner with dryrobe® who share our passion for elite and amateur sport, authenticity, and the outdoors. First launched in 2010, dryrobe® is the original weather-proof change robe, providing sustainable, durable kit to water lovers the world over. dryrobe® has been sponsoring elsewhere, our free monthly journal, since 2022.

Right to Roam

Right to Roam

The Outdoor Swimming Society and Right to Roam stand united in our determination to achieve a greater right to swim (and right to roam) for England and Wales. Collaborating since 2023, we share ideas, support each others work, protests and campaigns. For more information, see our Right to Swim Manifesto, and



alpkit have been supporting incidental Outdoor Swimming Society projects since the early days of the Dart10k, helping us helping others to ‘go nice places and do good things’ (the brand mission statement). The support of this creative, award winning B corp brand has helped many of our ideas come to fruition. For 2024 we are looking forward to some help with the Right to Swim, but past projects include the film Chasing the Sublime, webinars and The Longest Swim on the Longest Day.

British Canoeing

Outdoor swimming and paddlesports often share the same blue spaces and can unite to protect them through education; clean-ups; tackling invasive non-native species; or reporting and speaking out against pollution and degradation of the aquatic environment. Swimmers and paddlers are also subject to the same challenges and attempts to restrict access to the waterways we love. We work with British Canoeing to protecting existing access, and campaigning for sustainable open access to water for all to enjoy. For more information see the British Canoeing Access and Environment Charter.

Surfers Against Sewage

Surfers Against Sewage now represent environmentally minded water users across the UK – there are a lot of surfers, but equally as many triathletes, swimmers and beach lovers. The Outdoor Swimming Society is a long standing SAS Community Partner, supporting their campaigning and environmental work to reduce plastic pollution and improve water quality in rivers, lakes and seas. To find out more, visit

surfers against sewage sas logo

Group Partnerships


Outdoors For All Coalition

The Outdoor Swimming Society is part of a coalition of 36 UK national governing, environmental and outdoor organisations campaigning for everyone to have access to enjoy outdoor activities including swimming, walking, water sports and climbing – whatever they love doing, or would like to do, wherever they live.

Swimming Alliance

The Swimming Alliance is a partnership of over 20 UK organisations whose aim is to ensure everyone is able to swim, with confidence and without barriers, indoors and outdoors in clean pools and open water. Other members include Sport England, Swim England, Black Swimming Association, Swimming Teachers’ Association and Greenwich Leisure Limited.