The Outdoor Swimming Society is a not for profit with charitable aims: to provide a free worldwide community for swimmers to connect, inspire and share knowledge. We are run by volunteers and raise funds for our online platforms through business partnerships.

We are also proud to partner with and support charities, both in their fundraising and their campaigning.


Swimming is like nothing else. The skills you develop, the confidence you build and the joys you feel are all universal. Yet access to swimming in the UK is not. At Level Water, they use the power of swimming to improve lives for children with disabilities. They give children with disabilities the opportunity to learn to swim through 1-1 swimming lessons. From physical development to social and emotional confidence, swimming is a vehicle to change their lives for the better.

Their goal is to kickstart a love of swimming in children with disabilities.  They see a future where all children benefit from physical health that’s matched with a mindset of optimism and positivity, of going for it and seeing what’s possible in life.

In 2022, Level Water took on the Bantham Swoosh, Dart10k and the Hurly Burly through its events arm Swim Collective. Level Water has been an events partner with The Outdoor Swimming Society since 2015. The OSS will continue to support and be part of these iconic events and will continue to receive some financial support from them.

Like us, Level Water believes everyone should have the opportunity to learn to swim and fall in love with the water. To find out more and get in touch with them, visit



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Surfers Against Sewage now represent environmentally minded water users across the UK – there are a lot of surfers, but equally as many triathletes, swimmers and beach lovers. The Outdoor Swimming Society is a long standing SAS Community Partner, supporting their campaigning environmental work to reduce plastic pollution and improve water quality in rivers, lakes and seas.

“We’re stoked to work with The Outdoor Swimming Society to campaign for an end to sewage and agricultural pollution of our aquatic playground, from source to sea,” says SAS CEO Hugo Tagholm. “Our rivers are the blue arteries of the country and should be protected and restored to full health for people to enjoy safely. Thriving rivers support the wellbeing and health of people and communities nationwide.”

Alongside sharing information and encouraging engagement with SAS campaigns, we participate in SAS Source to Sea Beach Cleans. To find out more, visit