Practice mindful swimming with Tessa Wardley

13th April, 2017

“You will never forget a wild swim,” says Tessa Wadley in her new book, The Mindful Art of Wild Swimming. “It may not be possible to get out to wild waters every day and I will never stop swimming in pools but I believe that, like garlic foraged from your local woods, water is best when it is wild.”

Tessa is a river lover and mini adventurer who has worked and played in waters worldwide, from the Lake District to the Artic Circle. She is an environmental consultant, mother of four daughters and author of three other books, which celebrate, rivers and the natural world. Her new book is quite different to her other work and is aimed at all swimmers. “I want it to be a book for all swimmers. For a lot of people swimming is so well known as a great activity, so many people love swimming and are thinking of taking their swimming outside,” says Tessa. “I had those people in mind, as well as those who already swim outside and could bring more to their outdoor swimming. They might go out and have great adventures, but don’t think about their mindfulness while exploring. It is about how being mindful can enhance their experience.”

The book takes you through the seasons and transports you to the waterside encouraging the reader to reconnect with the water and nature around them. The book begins with taking the plunge and ends with water wisdom, “When we connect with wild waters, we learn how great they can make us feel and how they benefit our lives in so many ways,” says Tessa.

Tessa will be swimming at the Outdoor Swimming Society’s Bantham Swoosh this June and signing copies of her book in the HQ tent. She has curated a collection of favourite places to practice The Mindful Art of Wild Swimming in the UK for the OSS Wild Swim map.

Her book, The Mindful Art of Wild Swimming is published by Leaping Hare Press and is out now.