Respecting natural swimming spots and local awareness

02nd August, 2017

As swimming outdoors in wild and wonderful places is becoming more and more popular, swimmers footprint is becoming heavier. As a group we need to be more and more aware of our surroundings and environments where we swim.

Most swimmers are passionate about litter, keeping waters clean and clear and not leaving a trace that we were even there. But as more people take to rivers, lakes, ponds and beaches we shouldn’t be afraid to challenge those who leave litter behind or who are less considerate, or to clean up after them.

Our passion shouldn’t impact others. So make sure when you are visiting swimming spots you discover in books, websites or on social media ensure you are respectful of local residents and our natural environments.

Small things like parking respectfully, walking to swim spots rather than driving, taking litter home and picking up other litter you might spot – are things we can all do that make a big difference.

For more information and other things to consider visit our updated Outdoor Swimmer’s Code in the Survive section – click here. Also, read about what some Thames swimmers are doing to clean up their river.

Ella Foote, August 2017