Save Farleigh Club Weir

06th March, 2017

85 year old club needs help

The weir at Farleigh & District Swimming Club needs repair. Having seen off various threats over the years, including vandalism, a change of base, and the health and safety concerns which closed other river swimming clubs, it now needs our help to rise above another threat: the imminent collapse of its weir.

Farleigh & District Swimming Club is the last remaining river swimming in the UK, and known and loved by swimmers across the country. Founded in 1933, it averages 2000 members and provides idyllic swimming in the river Frome, sunbathing in a dedicated meadow, and (traditionally) chatting while sitting on the weir with other swimmers. 

‘The action of water over the years is literally under-mining it,’ says Rob Fryer, who runs the club with local farmer and land owner Peter Bryant. ‘Eventually it will collapse. If there is no weir, there is no swimming club. The estimated cost of repair is £10,000 and the club has saved up £5,000 to put towards this. The deadline for raising funds is September 2017.

‘Farleigh is a unique community resource. We keep the subscriptions as low as possible so as many people as possible can enjoy it. Please help keep this 85 year old wild swimming club afloat by making a donation. People have been swimming here since 1540, let’s make sure future generations can do too. It’s going to cost £10,000 and the Club can pay £5,000, so we need to raise the other £5,000. Can you help?’ asks Rob Fryer, the club chairman.

  • Image: OSS Big Jump at Farleigh, 2011.