Our five favourite swimming-inspired winter Instagram feeds that #sharetheswimlove

There’s snow on the hills and frost on the ground, but even seasonal swimmers must be tempted to break the stillness of a dormant lake or tap into the energy of wintery waves. These Instagram feeds capture the singular beauty of water in a cold climate.


Margaret Soraya’s images document the quiet stillness of winter. Based in Drumnadrochit, on the edge of Loch Ness in the beautiful Highlands of Scotland. Blue and grey tumbling waves and frozen landscapes are scattered across her page. Created from her passionate belief in the power of quiet and mindfulness, her winter landscapes seem to have a magical power to ease your mind.

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If you need some inspiration to get out there and explore, then Kris Roach is the man to follow. With swimming photos nestled between photos of SUP boarding in the mountains and ocean and general outdoor loveliness, you’ll be eager to get outside and have your next adventure.

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Liz Ke captures the beauty of swimming in icy lakes surrounded by snow capped mountains. Born and raised near the German Alps, and currently based in Tübingen, Liz is a distance runner. She regularly hikes through forests and mountains to capture the true beauty of glacial winter swimming.

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Kevin Meredith is a regular photographer and swimmer at Brighton seafront. He captures the beauty of submerging yourself in nature with stunning starling murmurations. He uses his lens to capture the bracing waves of Brighton seafront and the pure joy it brings to the characters that swim there. You can almost hear the laughter dancing on the waves.  He then writes about his photographs in his blog.  

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A firm favourite Niall Verso captures the sublime beauty of winter swimming. With his lens focused mostly on the surface of the water where he swims, at Greystones Cove in Northern Ireland. Each image enticing the viewer to submerge themselves in the tranquility of the ocean.

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Best winter feeds 2018/9 chosen by OSS insta guest editor, Laura Sanderson @wildwelshswimmer

Beth Pearson & Laura Sanderson