Alpaca Beanies

UK made beanies blended for post swim performance, and made for keeps.
The OSS Team have a soft spot for practical luxury and tend to live in their woolly hats for a decade or more: these are made with that long term in mind.
 The main thread is Alpaca, a silky thread which tends to be warmer, lighter and softer than sheep’s wool. Alpaca is water resistant, wicks away moisture and retains its heat when wet. It’s also hypoallergenic (less itchy on the forehead), odor resistant and tends not to bobble.
This is an ethical product:  wool is a natural renewable and bio-degradable fibre, and alpaca is eco-friendly and cruelty free.
Mustard, Cobalt, Sky and Orange are 50 % alpaca, 40 % wool and 10 % acrylic
Olive is 80 % alpaca, 20 % acrylic

Orange, Sky, Cobalt, Olive, Dark Navy, Mustard, Red


51% Alpaca, 38% Wool, 11% Acrylic


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