C-Monsta Swim Gear Hanger – Orange


The ultimate swim gear hanger, now available in orange! Hang all your gear in one place to dry out fast.

The unique c-monsta hanger design has been perfected to dry your gear faster, helping stop damp, smelly wetsuits, swimsuits, boots and gloves from ruining a great day out in the water. It has been designed in Scotland by surfers and is made from recycled plastic with a wide mouth, useful accessory hooks, a stiff top hook and a nicely rounded wetsuit rail.

The versatile plastic hook is designed to prevent scratches to surfaces and the robust buckle allows the durable webbing strap to be lengthened as needed. The wide mouth fits almost any wetsuit and doesn’t create wetsuit creases. Water is drawn away from your gear thanks to the drip edges and the boot and glove holders have ventilation holes to help air circulate inside your gear.

Hang it over your bath, in your garage, attach it to the back of your van… the versatile design means you can dry your gear wherever you are and the strong hook and strap mean it can easily hold 15kg of gear without bending or buckling.

Every c-monsta is injection molded from recycled plastic and shipped in a recycled cardboard box. This helps reduce the manufacturing impact on the planet. It also contributes to reducing waste by helping your swimming and wetsuit gear last longer.

* Unfortunately we are unable to to ship this item internationally.*

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