OSS Eco Tow Float


Designed for swimming adventures, The OSS Eco Tow Float is a new inflatable dry bag made out of recycled plastic bottles. Comes with SOLAS reflective material,  safety whistle and external tag for glowsticks (or cameras). Designed in consultation with  RNLI safety experts.

This is a high quality, high vis, 20L tow float.

Special features:

  • SOLAS Reflective strips, front and back (Registered Design No. 6099048, 6099049, 6099050, 6099051). SOLAS is coast guard approved for use at sea, with the tape specifically designed to enhance the visibility of life jackets, ring buoys, survival suits, and inflatable life rafts in marine environments. Applied to a tow float it will increase swimmer visibility in low and poor light.
  • Bright yellow green – in tests, the most conspicuous colour for floating objects, and seen from a greater distance than other colours. (The study tested colours in marine environments).
  • Designed with RNLI safety experts, by ULU
  • Comes with safety whistle to signal for help
  • External attachment tag for a Niteize Glowstick, camera or easy-access snack pack
  • Two handles – easy to carry, good for ottering (floating with your tow float)
  • Waist strap and lead
  • High quality build, including valves and clips: made to last
  • Two inflatable chambers, front and back
  • Created by swimmers, for swimmers: little or no drag

For more on tow floats and their uses, see full Kit Review.

Disclaimer: The OSS Eco tow float is not a buoyancy device.


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