Big Tea Mug Bundle


A big tea mug decorated with a stunning riverside design created by artist Nick Hayes in support of The OSS and Right to Roam’s campaign for greater access to inland water.

This mug has long been a favourite of ours at OSS HQ. Perfect for wrapping cold hands around after a swim, holding down the edge of a map when you’re planning your next adventure, or keeping you company when curled up with a good book. The Swim Free design wraps around this spacious, china mug. On one side is the legend “Swim Free” and on the other is a beautiful heron design.

To set you up for your first big brew, for a limited time only, we are bundling the mug with all you need for a warming cuppa. Enjoy a delicious Clipper Organic English Breakfast Tea: a blend of Assam and Ceylon for a wonderfully refreshing brew.

And, courtesy of our friends at Outdoor Provisions, you will also receive a delicious Cherry and Almond Energy Bar: a combination of sour cherry merged with sweet mellow almond that tastes amazing. Developed to deliver a balanced release of energy, you can rely on this bar to fill you up without any tummy issues or energy crashes as well as tasting incredible. Plus it’s vegan. And the wrapper is home compostable!

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