Swoosh Children’s Tee

£10.00 £3.00

Seagreen Swoosh Tee. 100% cotton tee for mini swooshers and splashers.

Junior sea green with the Swoosh logo in white across the chest.

No returns on this sale and sample stock.


12-14 yrs, 7-8 yrs, 9-11 yrs


100% ringspun Cotton -153gsm

Care Information

Follow these few tips to take care of your products and your shirt will last a long time with the same bright looking design.
Washing: Wash inside out with cool water (30ºC) with similar colors using a gentle cycle
Ironing: If ironing is necessary, iron inside-out on the lowest setting
Drying: Tumble dry low or hang-dry – hang drying will prolong the life of the prints greatly
No-Nos: Avoid using bleach and do not dry clean.
Be wary of washing and drying on a high setting, especially when the garment is 100% cotton.
High-temperature washing or drying settings can fade or crack the print of all t-shirts, but prints made using water based inks may be slightly more susceptible. Be sure to always wash speciality inks (such as gold shimmer) inside out, as otherwise these can lose their shine quickly without the proper care.


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