Wild Swimming Alps


Explore the European Alps of Austria, Germany, Switzerland, Italy and Slovenia. Discover more than 130 of the most beautiful places to swim, from untouched lakes to secret plunge pools.

This dazzling travel guide combines engaging travel writing with spectacular photography to lure you off the beaten track to magical swimming locations, from classic destinations to local secrets you won’t find listed elsewhere. The perfect guide for families on holiday or explorers looking for their next adventure.

Wild Swimming Alps takes you on an aquatic voyage through one of Europe’s most dramatic and diverse wild regions.

  • Bathe and picnic by secret forest lakes
  • Hike to pristine mountain waterfalls
  • Swim over rare underwater meadows in summer lakes
  • Plunge into the icy waters of an underground glacial lake at 3200m
  • Adventure through mysterious flooded caves and tunnels
  • Including 200 photographs, GPS coordinates and detailed walk-in directions, with background to the history and geography of the region.

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