Short film release: Wild Swim

10th April, 2019

A short film exploring the impact of wild swimming on mental health was released recently.

The project was a collaboration between Amy Walker, Kate Drucquer and Whitney Blank. “Kate and I connected through Instagram when she contacted me to say she’d like to make a film about the positive effects of wild swimming and to ask if I’d like to be involved,” explained Amy.

The film was shot at Janet’s Foss waterfall near Malham in the Yorkshire Dales. “I grew up down the valley from the Dales, so it was nice to base the film in an area I’ve swum in all my life,” said Amy.

Amy is a lifelong outdoor swimmer and has swum year-round for four years. In the film Amy discusses how wild swimming can help foster body positivity and how cold-water swimming helped her cope with depression.

“I first decided to carry on through winter 2015 after a particularly bad bout of depression,” she said: “Though swimming in cold water doesn’t eliminate my depression I think it stops me from going so low and gives me a reason to go outside and socialise, both things I find difficult when depressed.”

Amy has had many positive responses to the film: “People seem to have particularly identified with it within the wild swimming community which reflects what I have experienced – that cold-water swimmers are kind hearted and often seeking solace in the water too.”

Liz Lowe

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