New swim-lit festival in Whitstable

01st July, 2019

The rise of swimming-based books continues apace with the launch of the Between the Tides Festival in Whitstable on 13th July. The programme includes author talks, ‘zine-making workshops and, naturally, swims – and OSS members can enjoy a discount on the ticket price.

The festival is called Between the Tides because it starts with a group swim at the 10.37am high tide, and ends with a night-swim at the next one, at 11.01pm.

“A couple of us who swim regularly off Reeves Beach have put it together rather spontaneously with the help of our brilliant indie bookstore, Harbour Books,” explains co-founder Katherine May, who will discuss her book The Whitstable High Tide Swimming Club during the event.

“We only had the idea at the beginning of June, but now we have a full programme featuring Libby Page (The Lido), Alexandra Heminsley (Leap In), Tanya Shadrick (Wild Woman Swimming), poet Emily Hasler and Zoe Gilbert (Folk).”

  • OSS members can get a £5 discount on the day pass using the code: wildswimmers