Swoosh swimmers raise £25,000 for Level Water

12th July, 2017

Swimmers raised over £25,000 for charity partner Level Water at this year’s Banthan Swoosh. There were 91 swimmers who chose to swim and raise money for the charity.

Level Water teaches disabled children to swim with free one-to-one lessons. Each child is taught until they can join group-swimming lessons and continue swimming forever, without the charity’s support. Every child who learns to swim is learning a life-saving skill, but swimming also teaches skills, which have an impact beyond the water. Each week, every child is set new challenges that are at the limit of their ability. They persistently try and try again until they succeed. This process builds confidence and self-esteem, not only about this specific task but also throughout their lives. One parent says, “Level Water has done much more for Thomas than help him swim,” says Phil, Thomas’ Dad. “Knowing he is good at swimming has made him more confident to try other activities.”

People who swam the Swoosh will enable other children to benefit from lessons with Level Water. “It is hard to emphasise how much this event has helped the charity,” says Director Ian Thwaites. “With this incredible fundraising support – and a wonderful partnership with the OSS – Level Water is still doubling in size each year.  We are now teaching 500 one-to-one swimming lessons to children with disabilities each week, and plan to double in the next year.  We would not have had the confidence to do that without your unbelievable efforts.  We are truly inspired by swimmers’ efforts, and there is massive action over at Level Water HQ to make sure we translate incredible fundraising into the best sporting outcomes possible for these children.”

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