The Invincibles

Everybody dies but very few people really live

© Tom Bermingham

Filmed in Myrtleville beach, Co.Cork, the inspiring The Invincibles features three open water swimmers (Tom Bermingham, Mairead Ni Mhaoileóin and Tom McCarthy) who are dedicated to the water all year round – hail, sleet or shine. From the opener:”I know I am different from the herd. I enjoy being perceived as an eccentric,” to the unforgettable, “I don’t want to die in my pyjamas. I don’t want to die in my boots. I want to die in my togs,” the short film is peppered with brilliant, thought-provoking and inspiring quotes from the trio, as well as shots of stunning Irish scenery. The swimmers describe the effect of open water swimming in such a poetic way, we kind of wish they’d made fridge magnets, or Tracey Emin-like neons, to go with the the film, because who wouldn’t want to be reminded daily “Everybody dies but very few people really live” – wise words spoken by one of The Invincibles.

Featuring Tom Bermingham, Mairead Ni Mhaoileóin and Tom McCarthy