OSS Christmas Cracker Raffle

Tickets sold-out before raffle closing date thanks to your amazing response!

You have raised collectively over £20,000 for The OSS!! We can move forward, side-by-side with you, with this incredible outdoor swimming movement.

We are encouraged and strengthened by your generous support, and also for all the kind words left for us on Crowdfunder:

“Outdoor, and particularly sea swimming makes me feel free and healthy and part of the planet. So happy to keep the Society going especially as it’s also connected to preserving the health of the wild water in which we immerse ourselves.” 


“I wish The OSS all the very best. Such an important role to play and I can’t imagine a world without you. Keep it going, Very best wishes.”

These much needed funds will ensure we keep our info services, platforms and swimming initiatives running during 2021, while steaming ahead with our preparations for our iconic Society swim events in 2022.



Congratulations to the following 40 winners of The OSS Christmas Cracker Raffle 2020:

  1. Sally-Ann Todd – raffle ticket number 1167 – SwimTrek Holiday
  2. Michael Gerard Stanley – raffle ticket number 2592 – ORCA RS1 Thermal Open Water Wetsuit
  3. Kate Earl – raffle ticket 1866 – Red Original Newbie Bundle
  4. Jo Sweeting – raffle ticket 2538 – Alpkit Filoment Down Jacket
  5. Dee Keane – raffle ticket 3693 – Alpkit Filoment Down Jacket
  6. Wendy Roger – raffle ticket 1047 – Finisterre Hill Jumper
  7. Stephen Gould – raffle ticket 2971 – Finisterre Hill Jumper
  8. Naomi Wilkinson – raffle ticket 3004 – Finisterre Cabet Jumper
  9. Naomi Steadman – raffle ticket 309 – Finisterre Cabet Jumper
  10. William Sparkes – raffle ticket 3207 – Bodyboard Depot’s TZ-1 PE
  11. Karen Aylward – raffle ticket 2138 – Adventure Ink Year’s Subscription
  12. Cerian and Holly – raffle ticket 2479 – Watershed Animas Rucksack
  13. Jenny Spruell – raffle ticket 316 – OSS Hoodie
  14. Trev Moakes-Britton – raffle ticket 1799 – Alpkit BruKit
  15. Pauline Tester – raffle ticket 905 – Alpkit BruKit
  16. Anthony Kenyon – 2985 – Alpkit BruKit
  17. Peter Richardson – raffle ticket 1599 – Happy Ears Discovery Pack
  18. Catriona – raffle ticket 41 – Happy Ears Discovery Pack
  19. Laura Sharpe – raffle ticket 141 – Happy Ears Discovery Pack
  20. Philippa Berman – raffle ticket 722 – Happy Ears Discovery Pack
  21. Nicholas Westgarth – raffle ticket 3937 – Happy Ears Discovery Pack
  22. Mark Schmid – raffle ticket 2907 – Happy Ears Discovery Pack
  23. Andrew Cross – raffle ticket 153 – Happy Ears Discovery Pack
  24. Alexandra Edge – raffle ticket 294 – Happy Ears Discovery Pack
  25. June Edwardes-Evans – raffle ticket 277 – Happy Ears Discovery Pack
  26. Edward Hazeldean – raffle ticket 1487 – Happy Ears Discovery Pack
  27. Jessie White – raffle ticket 3893 – Aqua Sphere Kaiman Exo
  28. Fiona Bradshaw – raffle ticket 1248 – Aqua Sphere Kaiman Exo
  29. Jacqueline Cordell – raffle ticket 166 – Aqua Sphere Kaiman Exo
  30. Ashly Payne – raffle ticket  217 – Aqua Sphere Kaiman Exo
  31. Andy Macdonald – raffle ticket 1314 – Aqua Sphere Kaiman Exo
  32. Philip Wood – raffle ticket 2629 – Aqua Sphere Kaiman Exo
  33. Joanna Jolly – raffle ticket 2120 – Aqua Sphere Kaiman Exo
  34. Katherine Saunders – raffle ticket 588 – Aqua Sphere Kaiman Exo
  35. Andrew Weeks – raffle ticket 3295 – OSS Dry Bag & Hat
  36. Rolph Patterson – raffle ticket 2576 – OSS Dry Bag & Hat
  37. Nemmy Johnston – raffle ticket 3188 – OSS Dry Bag & Hat
  38. Celia Turley- raffle ticket 3678 – OSS Dry Bag & Hat
  39. Susan Young – raffle ticket 2822 – OSS Dry Bag & Hat
  40. Sasha Udell – raffle ticket 2795 – OSS Dry Bag & Hat

Please do get in touch to share your contact and delivery details. Prizes will be distributed in January through our raffle partners, with the exception of those from The OSS Shop. Contact: outreach@outdoorswimmingsociety.com.


Raffle tickets were purchased through Crowdfunder. The raffle closed on Friday 18 December at 9am. Winners of the raffle prize draw were published on the morning of 24 December 2020. Please see full T&Cs.



As swimmers we feel a real custodianship over our environment, so what we wanted for Christmas was universally high quality, long-lasting, sustainably sourced gear. Outdoor swimming is one of those sports where you need so little – but can end up wanting quite a lot. SwimTrek swim holidays, Alpkit down jackets, Finisterre jumpers, AquaSphere goggles, Red Original ProRobes and Orca winter wetsuits: our lists went on. But also, books to read (Adventurous Ink book subscription), bodyboards to play with and camp stoves for a brew.


When is a holiday not just a holiday? When you’re on board with SwimTrek. Many of The OSS team have formed lifelong friendships and had ‘the times of their lives’ with SwimTrek, the pioneers of swimming holidays. SwimTrek are offering our star prize of a £600 adventure package for 2021. If you’re the enviable winner you can choose from one of four SwimTrek holidays (Malta Escape, Lakes of Lithuania, Lake Bled and the Slovenian Alps, or Lakes and Tarns) or put £600 towards a more expensive trip of your choice.

ORCA Winter Wetsuit, £349

OSS’s Gear Reviewer, Adrian “Swimstaman”, cannot wait to road test the ORCA RS1 Thermal Open Water Wetsuit, which comes out in January 2021. The suit, which is not online yet, features a heat retaining inner lining and a second layer of neoprene. It promises to be an enviable piece of kit: we’re expecting a snug fit which stretches in all the right places, and doesn’t let the icy water trickle in.

Red Original Newbie Bundle, £437

Weatherproof changing robes have become the must-have fashion item of 2020. Red Original are known for the quality of their accessories, and will give one lucky winner a bundle of gifts: a long sleeve Pro Change Robe (£144.95) plus a 10 litre dry bag, waterproof pouch, drinks bottle, travel cup, microfibre towel and active jacket.


Warm, light and 100% recycled, the Filoment Down Jacket is (literally) the uniform for the OSS volunteer team (we all have them in OSS iconic red): working as a midlayer or top layer depending on how cold it is on those winter dips. We have two jackets to win in the raffle, women’s and men’s.

Why is this jacket a team favourite? Because of the quality, reasonable price and because our friends over at Alpkit let their love of the outdoors and it’s community guide the way they do business. Every piece of kit they sell is sourced carefully and sold with the promise of aftercare.


A Finisterre jumper is for life, not just for Christmas: founder Tommy Kay is so committed to sustainability he bred his own flock of sheep. Known for their quality, luxury and sustainability, Finisterre jumpers are on all our Christmas lists. We have two men’s Cabet jumpers to give away: heavyweight fisherman cable knit jumpers. Chunky and traditional, the 100% wool yarn has had minimal processing and is as traditional as it gets as a way to stay warm outside.


Known for their quality, luxury and sustainability, Finisterre jumpers are on all our Christmas lists. We have two women’s Hill jumpers to give away in Beacon Red. The Hill jumper is a chunky blend of alpaca and wool: luxurious, chunky and cosy.

Bodyboard Depot’s TZ-1 PE, £150

When the chop is too much to freestyle, grab a bodyboard to enjoy the sea instead. The TZ-1 PE BodyBoard which comes out in January 2021. It’s a strengthened bodyboard that is built to last, with excellent buoyancy and a design that makes catching waves much easier. We love BodyBoard Depot, the plastic free, tree planting champions, who are based in Wareham, Dorset.


Folk at Adventurous Ink subscription services are offering you a year’s worth of adventure to feed the imagination while stuck indoors! Reads include: Another Escape, The Water Volume, which shares in the lives of those deeply connected to water; Sidetracked, a journal featuring a collection of personal stories of adventure travel, journeys and expeditions and The Foragers Calendar, where John Wright neatly documents everything edible, categorising them by the month, revealing one of Mother Nature’s greatest mysteries.

Watershed Animas Rucksack, £135

Used by water enthusiasts and special forces the world over, Watershed makes heavy duty, zip and stitch-free drybags for the most rugged adventures. Their Animas rucksack is a perfect choice for swim-tours. It holds three days worth of stuff, is submersible to 90metres and you can remove the straps and tow it along effortlessly with a leash when you’re in the water.

Win the Animas rucksack (*or equivalent bag value to £135)

OSS Hoodie £49

We’re giving away one of our super cosy unisex hoodies. Grab a Society Slate pull-over or Zeno’s Forest Green zip hoodie – a comfort piece for post-swim layering, or lounging in on long winter nights. You can pick your favourite from the OSS shop.

Alpkit Brukit x 3, £44.99

Put the kettle on, wherever you are: OSS Instagram Editor @davpye is known for taking his fast-boil Brukit to the shores of his nearby lakes, and says he’s almost as fond of the warming up afterwards as the dips themselves. The Brukit is a “heat it and eat it, 560g integrated cooking system for quick cooking on the go”. We have three Brukits to give away, ideal for fresh brews on the trail, hot soup and nutritious one-pot wonders.

Happy Ears (ear plugs) x 10, £22 per Discovery Pack

Have you discovered these yet? Happy Ears, the Swedish masters of effective and durable earplugs, have just brought out a waterproof model. As ears are not one size fits all, Happy Ears are providing 10 sets of Discovery Packs to give away. Win one of these and you can check the right size for your ears.

Aqua Sphere, Kaiman Exo x 8 , £19.99

Want to get your hands on the goggle of choice for epic Four Times Non Stop Channel swimmer Sarah Thomas? The team at Aqua Sphere are offering eight pairs of clear lens Kaiman Exo. A very popular goggle packed with important features including 180 degree field of vision and the latex-free hypoallergenic fit – it feels secure yet comfortable during our many hours of open water swimming.

OSS Dry Bag & hat £12 x 6

We reckon your open water loving partner or friend might prefer this handy stocking filler to, erm, a Sudoku puzzle book, Chocolate Orange or a novelty pair of socks! We’re giving away six of pairs of these swim kit essentials from the OSS shop.

Message from Kate Rew, OSS Founder

Kate Rew at the finish

With huge thanks to all of you this Christmas (hasn’t swimming been the best part of the year?).

I am so grateful to all the swim-community minded companies who joined this society fundraiser. The OSS is run by a small team of dedicated volunteers who have really missed seeing you all at our annual events this year: checking you have your goggles before handing in your swim kit, pulling you out of the water before you Swoosh out to sea and soaking up your post swim joy. We hope you enjoyed this raffle as a small way to spread the Christmas cheer.