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Now hiring: event volunteers (Devon & Barmouth). We look forward to hearing from you.


Our events are run by a small army of volunteers. These individuals work as marshals and team leaders of critical areas such as: registration, baggage, hot chocolate, merchandise. We have a hard won reputation for running the friendliest, best organised swims in the land and over the course of 2018 around 200 individuals will help us maintain this. Please join us!

Our three events are the Swoosh (14th July), the Dart10k (14/15 September) and the Hurly Burly (29th September). The #OSSteam at the event are a mixture of swimmers, supporters, charity volunteers, locals and scout and similar groups.

More information is available in event specific factsheets: Swoosh, Dart 10k, Hurly Burly.  Our volunteers are led by Morgan Jones, our executive assistant and volunteer coordinator. If you can volunteer for any or all of this years events, please get in touch with Morgan on

The days can be long and hard, but also fun – our focus for 2018 is community, so whether it’s on site volunteer camping (the Swoosh), or a volunteer BBQ on the Friday night (the Dart10k), we are focused on giving extras on top of that essential free t-shirt and swimmer thanks. Volunteer team members get a discount on a future swim entry; access to early-bird tickets in future years, and make this swim possible for others.


Vivienne Rickman Poole
Vivienne Rickman Poole
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