Tide Walk Tour begins in Brighton this April

03rd April, 2019

The Book of Tides author William Thomson is leading a series of Tide Walks along Britain’s south coast this April, sharing essential sea safety knowledge for wild swimmers.

Through models, demonstrations and stories, the 1.5 hrs/1-mile walks explain the natural processes that make tides, waves, winds and currents – and ways to harness their power to your advantage.

Participants will learn what makes a rip current, how to predict the tide by observing the moon, and why water flows both ways along a coast.

“As sea swimmers relying on our bodies for buoyancy and propulsion, we are closer to nature than all the other water sports users,” said William, “but we are also the most at mercy.”

Knowledge of tides can help swimmers to “swim further, faster; safely avoiding the dangers and perfectly positioning ourselves to tap into the great energies of our coastal waters”.

The Tide Walk Tour starts in Brighton on Sat 06th April and heads to Portsmouth [Sun 7th], Bournemouth [Tue 9th], Lyme Regis [Thu 11th] and Exmouth [Fri 12th]. Tickets are £10 and you can also book a private walk [£250] for any place and time that best suits you, with the learning tailored to your specific interests.



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