UK Winter Lido List

Lidos open during the colder months

Winter swimming has grown so popular that one of the OSS team commented that during November 2022 his lido was ‘so busy it was like being at a festival.’ This is good news for lidos, and good news for swimmers: many lidos have been encouraged to introduce autumn and winter opening, allowing regulars to stay connected with their local swimming community and continue immersing ourselves. Some pools listed are heated, others deliciously, exhilaratingly or cruelly (depending on viewpoint) cold.



Here are all the UK lido’s open for winter 2022/2023. Please see websites provided for up to date information on opening hours and events.

North West

Ingleton Lido

oss-winter-ingleton-lido @ingletonpool

Set amidst beautiful Yorkshire Dales scenery, at the foot of Ingleborough, one of the iconic Yorkshire Three Peaks, Ingleton Lido will be staying open this winter for the first time in 90 years. The 20m pool is unheated, but hot drinks and snacks are available. 



Hathersage Pool

oss-winter-hathersage-pool @hathersageswimmingpool

This heated pool in the heart of the Peak District is open throughout the winter season, with an exciting events calendar which includes night swims and live music.




New Bath Hotel Pool

oss-winter-new-bath-hotel @newbathhotel

Located on the south-east border of the Peak District, this spring-fed pool is open throughout the winter months alongside a luxurious range of spa facilities. 



Droitwich Spa Lido

oss-winter-droitwich-spa @droitwichlido

Unique opportunity to swim in a 40m inland saltwater pool surrounded by Art Deco architecture and green parkland. Pop into Little Al’s at The Lido to warm up afterwards.




Lido Ponty

oss-winter-lido-ponty @lidoponty

The only lido in Wales! Lido Ponty pops with Art Deco flair amidst the dramatic Welsh Valleys. 



East Anglia

Jesus Green Lido

oss-winter-jesus-green @jesusgreenlido

Jesus Green Lido is a very special place to swim. Stretching 90m, it is one of the longest pools in Europe, designed to mimic swimming in the beloved Cam. The pool is unheated, but there is a sauna where you can warm up afterwards. 



Beccles Lido

oss-winter-beccles-lido @beccleslido

Set on the banks of the River Waveney between Norfolk and Suffolk, Beccles Lido is open throughout the winter season. Canoes available for hire if you fancy a new challenge.




Parliament Hill Lido

oss-winter-parliament-hill @parliament_hill_lido

This 66m pool is a lido like no other. Enjoy the underwater light as winter sunshine bounces off the stainless steel bottom. Become part of the PH community to join the annual Parliament Hill Ice Swim Hootenanny. There is also a new sauna and delicious cafe where you can warm up afterwards. 



London Fields Lido

oss-winter-london-fields @ldnfieldslido

London Fields is an enormous 50m pool which remains heated throughout the winter season. There is a cafe on site and plenty to do on Broadway Market which is a two-minute walk across the fields. 



Oasis Sports Centre

oss-winter-oasis @better_oasissportscentre

Located between Bloomsbury and Covent Garden, this is the only lido in central London. Open late during the week, you can enjoy an evening swim in the 27.5m heated pool. 



Brockwell Lido

oss-winter-brockwell-lido @brockwell_lido

Brockwell Lido is a snazzy 50m pool in South London, with an excellent poolside restaurant run by Four Hundred Rabbits, serving breakfast, brunch, pizza and drinks. Visit on Sunday morning and hop over the road afterwards for a mooch around Herne Hill Market. 



Charlton Lido

oss-winter-charlton-lido @charltonlido

This Olympic-size 50m pool in Greenwich will be heated to 25 degrees throughout the winter months. Fitness swimming always available, alongside an impressive range of other gym and sports facilities. 



Pools on the Park

oss-winter-pools-on-the-park @poolsonthepark

A well-kept secret of South West London. You can find this heated 33m pool round the corner from Richmond Station, on the edge of the Old Deer Park. Visit at the weekend and check out the Duck Pond Market in Heron Square afterwards. 



Hampton Lido

oss-winter-hampton-lido @hamptonpool

Hampton Lido is another well-kept secret of South West London. Located on the edge of Royal Bushy Park, close to the Longford River, this heated 36m pool is open throughout the winter season. Check out the website for details on the Moonlight Dip sessions and special Christmas swims. 



Hillingdon Lido

oss-winter-hillingdon-lido @hillingdon_lido

Another enormous heated 50m lido in London. Set amidst Art Deco fountains and grandstand, on an oval terrace, this pool has been used by teams competing in the 1948 Summer Olympics and 2012 London Olympics. 



South West

Cleveland Pools

oss-winter-cleveland-pools @clevelandpools

One to watch! After an 18 year campaign and £9m restoration, Britain’s oldest lido (over 200 years) is reopening. Enjoy swimming in this heated semi-circular pool on the banks of the River Avon throughout the winter months.



Lido Bristol

oss-winter-lido-bristol @lidobristol

Lido Bristol delights with a luxurious interpretation of the lido experience, ideal for a treat during the cold winter months. Enjoy the heated 24m pool, with sauna, steam room and hot tub. Also check out the mouthwatering Instagram below for more details on the poolside bar and restaurant. 



Portishead Lido

oss-winter-portishead-lido @portisheadlido

This 33m pool overlooking the Bristol Channel is open on weekends throughout the winter season. Make sure you check out the Portishead Popsicle with friendly relay events, hot tub and mulled wine. 



Sandford Parks Lido

oss-winter-sandford-parks @sandfordparkslido

This stylish Art Deco 50m pool in the heart of Cheltenham is open throughout the winter season, including the popular Christmas Day swim.



Petersfield Pool

oss-winter-petersfield-pool @petersfieldpool

Catch it while you can! Petersfield Pool switches off the boilers in September but will stay open until the water temperature drops below 14 degrees. No hot showers, but there is a cafe for warm drinks afterwards. 



Buckfastleigh Pool

oss-winter-buckfastleigh-pool @bflpool

Open for winter Sunday swimming, but this pool is looking for support (December 2022) as it is facing closure due to the ongoing energy crisis. See website if you can help.



The Jubilee Pool

oss-winter-jubilee-pool @jubileepoolpz

This iconic Art Deco pool overlooking Mount’s Bay off the coast of Penzance has something for everyone. Swim in the UK’s largest seawater pool, filled each day by the rising tide, or enjoy the geothermal pool, with temperatures of up to 35 degrees. Pop into the cafe afterwards for fresh coffee and cakes from local suppliers. 


South East

Woburn Lido

oss-winter-woburn-lido @woburn_lido

Given to the community in 1911, this 23m pool has been open for over 100 years. The heating is turned off during the winter months, but there is a cafe where you can warm up.



Chesham Moor

oss-winter-chesham-moor @cheshammoorgym

The historic outdoor pool at Chesham began as a bathing spot in the 1890s. Now heated to 28 degrees all year round, you can enjoy the winter sunrise with an early morning dip. 



Cottonmill Swimming Pool

oss-winter-cottonmill @stalbanssac

A watermill during the 1700s that was converted into open air baths in 1883. Open to members all year round, and even used for ice diving when the water starts to freeze. There are no lane dividers here; swimmers help each other define lane width. 



Wycombe Rye Lido

oss-winter-wycombe-rye @wycomberyelido

You can find this charming lido amidst the Rye parkland. Enjoy this heated 33m pool alongside the wide range of gym and sports facilities. 



Thames Lido

oss-winter-thames-lido @thameslido

Close to Reading Station, on the banks of the River Thames, the team behind Lido Bristol undertook a three-year restoration of the disused King’s Meadow pool. Enjoy the heated 25m pool, with sauna and hot tub. Have a look at the mouthwatering Instagram below for more details about the poolside bar and restaurant. 



Sea Pools

oss-winter-vallette-pools @visitguernsey

The UK also has a number of beautiful sea pools which are open all year and provide a sheltered alternative to sea swimming.

Have a look at Bude Sea Pool (Cornwall), Clevedon Marine Lake on the Bristol Channel, Walpole Bay Tidal Pool (Kent), St Monans Sea Pool (Fife), which the local community has recently restored, and La Vallette Bathing Pools in Guernsey with new stylish and accessible facilities. 

The Lido Guide

We are grateful to the team at Woburn Lido for sharing their research on lidos planning to be open during the winter of 2022-23.

A heartfelt thanks to Emma Pusill for her dedication to promoting lidos around the UK.

Emma Pusill and Janet Wilkinson’s complete guide to all the UK’s publicly accessible open-air pools is available here:

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