Waterlog: A Swimmer’s Journey from City to Sea

An imaginary journey swimming from city to sea, inspired by Roger Deakin’s wonderful wild swimming book, Waterlog. If you haven’t read it, I would urge you to buy a copy here >

The text to the film is all quoted from Waterlog:
“A swimming journey would give me access to that part of our world which, like darkness, mist, woods or high mountains, still retains most mystery. It would afford me a different perspective on the rest of landlocked humanity.”
This was filmed, on one glorious, hot June day, at six different locations heading south from London down to the sea, which lies just an hour from the city on the train.
If this film inspires you to head for a river, lake or coast this summer, I recommend these two fabulous wild swimming guidebooks for the UK:
Wild Swim >
Wild Swimming >

Thank you to skyriseproductions.co.uk

Alastair Humphries