Join Level Water in a fundraising get together on 10th July

Enter Waterside

The OSS’ official charity Level Water is inviting swimmers to hold fundraising swims or dips for its initiative Waterside on 10th July – a great opportunity to celebrate freedom and the water while raising funds for an amazing cause.


WHERE: Whichever waterside you choose

Level Water are inviting swimmers around the country to host Waterside fundraising get togethers to raise money on the 10th July. However you want to run your Waterside event is up to you. Organise a picnic, BBQ, drinks, nibbles, cake or a cuppa for your swimming group.  You can run this your own way; get everyone to bring something, set up a barbecue or have some drinks.  Are you a flapjack master? Queen of the barbecue? King of the cake? Whether it’s a bake-off or tea party, come together to share that post-swim feeling. Then simply ask for donations to Level Water; you could sell your baked wonders, hold a raffle or prize draw, or simply each donate a few pounds and reflect on the wonders of swimming.

How do I sign up?

1) Slap a great big note in your diary to keep 10th July 2021 free.

2) Think who else to invite (the more the merrier).

3) Dream up a name for your group (the dafter the better).

4) Fill out the form on Level Water’s sign up page.

Then the Level Water team will get straight back to you with a Waterside fundraising pack, containing loads of fun ideas and tips for the day. You’ll also be invited to the Facebook group, and you can call or email Level Water if you need any extra support.


Level Water is a national charity that helps children with disabilities learn to swim. They provide up to 20,000 one-to-one swimming lessons each year, helping children build their confidence and skills in the water, and in life. It’s about learning essential skills, but also about building self-esteem, making friends, having fun – all the good stuff that most of us take for granted. Level Water believe everyone should be able to experience that joy. But opportunities for swimming aren’t equal for everyone. That’s why they’re doing everything they can to make sure that changes.

Enter Waterside