Welsh artists celebrate swimming

15th March, 2018

Local artists in Aberystwyth have joined with artists and swimmers across Wales to present a new exhibition, Swimming.

The mixed media show displays work from contemporary artists which responds to experiences of swimming in lakes, rivers, oceans and pools. OSS Ambassador Viv Rickman-Poole will feature alongside artist and free diver Natasha Brooks as well as other artists who responded to an open call last year. “I’ve always been quite an experimental photographer, making my own cameras,” says Viv. “It was always going to be that, at one point, the cameras would eventually come with me and I would be experimenting with them in the water.”

Local textile artist Beck Knight will be showing four decorative swimming costumes, abstract paintings of underwater scenes are presented by Deborah Teakle and Stuart Evans’ lino print mermaids demonstrate mythology surrounding swimming. “The exhibition incorporates various styles and mediums to display the theme of swimming through the eyes of artists who love the sea,” says Rachel Luxton, Visual Arts Assistant, Aberystwyth Arts Centre. “It is hoped that people will leave the exhibition inspired to go and find their own adventures through swimming.”

The exhibition will be held in Aberystwyth Arts Centre from the Saturday, 17th March to Saturday, 26th May.