Young Norwegian swimmer aims for 300 in a row

31st January, 2019

A Norwegian newspaper reports on an 11-year-old boy from Trøndelag, a central county of the country, who has been outdoor swimming every day for more than six months. To be precise, he went for his 202nd swim last week and intends to keep going until he hits 300.

Ludvik Aune started swimming in the summer but now has to break the ice most mornings. On the day the reporters visited him, the air temperature is given as minus 12 degrees centigrade, while the average water temperature in the area at this time of year is 4 degrees centigrade.

He told the reporters: “if it’s colder than minus 20 outside, then I dread it a little, but if it’s around minus 10 it’s perfectly fine”. An example to us all.

You can also watch a short film of Ludvik swimming on NRK regional TV.

Beth Pearson, 31st Jan 2019