A Contentment of Swimmers

© Alamy

One of the oddities of the English language is the multitude of different names given to collections or groups, be they beasts, birds, people or things.

A skulk of foxes, a caravan of camels, a hover of kestrels or a smack of jellyfish… our language is rich in collective nouns for all sorts of life. But not, until now, a collective noun for swimmers.

But this week OSS Facebook members changed all that. Inspired by a wonderful image of swimmers we went on the hunt for the right collective noun.

© Alamy

So which is the best? A bliss of swimmers. A contentment of swimmers. A shiver of swimmers?

The options are rich. Here are some of those proposed:

Slick, joy, eloquence, swathe, swale, beauty, glide, school, shiver. School, pod, shoal, bliss, contentment, shiver.

Take your pick.