What do we want? The right to swim. When do we want it? Now.

The first trespass of Kinder Scout was in 1932 with hundreds of people gathering to protest for the right to roam. From 2021 The Outdoor Swimming Society has been taking the protest to the water, protesting for the right to swim. This film follows the 2023 Kinder Trespass.

In April of 2023, The Outdoor Swimming Society gathered together with SOuP and hundreds of swimmers at Kinder Reservoir to protest for the right to swim free.  We created our new film A Right To Swim with filmmaker Hollie Harmsworth to document the swim trespass, capturing all those that attended and to echo the message of all that were there that we want the right to swim free and we want it now.

Stills from 'A Right to Swim' - Hollie Harmsworth
Stills from 'A Right to Swim' - Hollie Harmsworth
Stills from 'A Right to Swim' - Hollie Harmsworth

Creative Producer for The OSS and producer of A Right to Swim, Cameron Alexander says: “Creating this film has been a chance to echo a voice of so many people, not just swimmers on the day but the wider community and campaigners fighting consistently and passionately for access. It has been a real passion project, we are super proud of it and so thankful to everyone who came together not only at Kinder Reservoir for the swim trespass but also to those before and after the film was created, who have all worked with us to create something that is this impactful and important but also just really lovely. This is a joyful film about swimming freely, why we think that is important and why we think you should too”.

Thank you to Alpkit for their support on A Right to Swim through the Alpkit Foundation.

“This is a joyful film about swimming freely, why we think that is important and why we think you should too”

Leo Gundle

Outdoor Swimming and the Right to Swim with Kate Rew at the ‘Alpkit Big Night In’

A Right To Swim premiered at Kendal Mountain Festival on Sunday the 19th of November as part of their official selection. On Tuesday the 12th of December, OSS founder Kate Rew will join Alpkit for their “Big Night In” at their Bristol Store to explore the depths of Outdoor Swimming and the Right to Swim, where the film will also be shown.

Christmas Cracker Fundraiser 2023

The Outdoor Swimming Society Christmas Cracker Crowfunder for 2023 is here. This year we took everything we wanted and put it under the tree. We’ve got a Christmas Cracker of a prize list – there’s a 1 in 100 chance of winning prizes that include a week’s swimming holiday in Greece, thermal and Yulex wetsuits, a group snorkelling trip and an ice bath! Plus many more gifts for the adventurous, water loving, and environmentally minded outdoor swimmer. Bag a reward by joining the Christmas Crowdfunder. Tickets are only £5 per entry and your pledge keeps us online, independent and sharing the swim love into 2024. And beyond.

swimmers in festive hats and antlers in the sea with the text "Christmas Cracker Fundraiser" Niall Meehan


A Right to Swim –  An Outdoor Swimming Society film 2023
Filmmaker – Hollie Harmsworth
Producer – Cameron Alexander
Commissioned by – Kate Rew
Music – Freedom by The Originals feat. Peter Spacey, Ofrin, Roy Young
Additional Footage – Sam Walker
Copyright / All Rights Reserved – The Outdoor Swimming Society 2023

Special thanks to Alpkit Foundation, Imogen Radford, Owen Hayman, OSS Inland Access, Rob Savin, Right2Roam, David Hanney and to all that spoke and took part in the film.