Calling all skinny-dippers!

20th June, 2017

Do something exhilarating this #septembare…

Now in its second year, The Great British Skinny Dip has been organised to create an upbeat, health-focused, anyone-can-do-it, challenge for people in the UK to discover the health benefits of clothes-free activities and to help promote body confidence. It’s also a lot of fun!

Events will run across the country in many different venues and each one will provide an opportunity for people to try costume-free swimming and at the same time raise awareness of how buttoned-up attitudes to the human body are causing many people to lead potentially unhealthy lives. The more we hide away and are ashamed of our bodies – the harder it is to look after them properly and the greater likelihood of damaging health issues. Having poor body image – and even hating oneself – is a total waste of energy. Spending time naked with other naked people soon reveals (pun intended) that there is no such thing as the perfect body and that we are all normal.

Throughout September 2017 there will be many opportunities, in varied locations all around the country, for people discover the fun, exhilaration and liberation of shaking off your clothes – and your troubles too! There is nothing quite as liberating and life-affirming as swimming without clothes and feeling the wonderful sensation of the water over your whole body. “Social nudity” is on the increase, as people are far less hung up these days about seeing others naked, or being seen naked by others. After all, it’s just a body – we all have one – and they are all very different, just as our faces differ greatly from one another … so why are some people still hung up about it? Perhaps because we’ve been hiding our bodies away for so long!

Swimming naked makes far more sense than wearing a costume – here are just a few reasons why:

  • Why wear a swimming costume when all you are going to do is get it wet?
  • Bare skin dries much quicker too.
  • Being naked in the company of others helps people’s perception of what constitutes a healthy body – it’s okay to have wobbly bits and be different from those abnormal celebrity bodies!
  • Going without a swim suit also helps us to avoid irritations caused by fabric and elastic rubbing against our skin – and regularly going clothes-free enables us to keep an eye on potential problem areas such as skin conditions, lumps/bumps, obesity and other health problems.
  • A recent scientific study has proved that social nudity is good for you.

Check out for more information. In addition to a list of events already scheduled, there’s information about how to host your own.

Andrew Welch MBA
British Naturism