Dart 10k

The first, and arguably finest, 10k swim out there!


The Dart 10k was the first, and is arguably the finest, 10k swim on the open water calendar, growing from 200 to 1600 swimmers a year over ten years. The course of the Dart 10K is a unique journey punctuated by landmarks such as the Cormorant Tree, the white rock, Sharpham boathouse and Bow Creek. It’s supported by volunteers from the local and swimming community, who make it one of the most special events in the swimming calendar. It’s a journey, not a race – we have fast swimmers, skins swimmers, swimming families (everyone 16 and over is welcome), disabled swimmers, newbies, butterfly swimmers, leisurely swimmers – whatever the level, there’s room for everyone in the river.

Find out more about the event in the 2019 event report and gallery.

Jess Rose
Dominick Tyler
Tim Bridges
Jess Rose
Jess Rose
Jess Rose

DART 10K 2020/21

The Dart 10k was cancelled in 2020 and 2021, with all participants given a full refund. Information on the 2021 cancellation can be found here.



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